Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I'm Doing Now

Wow, I know it has been forever and a day since my last posting on this little life blog of mine.

Where to start is a talk in itself... I suppose I could start where I left off, SB.

Many of you, I'm sure, are wondering what happened to me. Don't worry I didn't fall off the face of the earth, although it feels like it:)

Due to a lack of video needs inside Show It Fast I was laid off on good terms. With much help from David Jay I started what is now Photographer's Reel. The expense of SB was a factor in my move but more then that I think the Lord had other plans. DJ had given me a gracious two months to figure out what I wanted to do. The day before my rent was due I called Mary for the first time. That night for 5 hours we talked about alot of things one of which a potential move to NY. She was in TX at the time but was moving to NY to work at a camp in January. The camp needed one more person on staff for the winter session and she encouraged me to give them a call. The very next morning, the day my rent was due for the next month, I called the camp and talked with the director. After a long conversation, which I won't go into, I made the decision to join Mary in NY at the Camp. That day I told my land lady I was leaving and seeing that I had already paid my last months rent in my deposit I pocketed the rent due. I sold my dirt bike and began to get ready for my move.

I left SB just after the SB Tea Fires hit and headed out to Texas to meet, though unknown at the time, the most amazing girl of my short lived life, Mary Segreti. You most likely have seen her picture and know who she is by now but for a quick update for the ones who have been left in the dark by my abrupt and speedy disappearance. She is 21, from a family of 12 children and the only girl with 11 brothers, she is a Massage Therapist by profession, an unbelievable cook and the most amazing friend. In everything her passion is to honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ with her life and all to His glory. Everyday she pushes me closer to the Lord, encouraging me to remain fully committed not to His will but to Him.

Meeting Mary in Texas was so much fun. When she stepped out of the car to say hello for the first time, my heart was racing and I had to double check and see if I was still alive. Did I die in the SB fires, was this all a dream? No, she was really there, waiting with the most beautiful smile. I couldn't believe she liked me and still can't to this day.

Mary was living at her brother and sister-in-law's house in TX helping take care of their little 1 year old child. I stayed in TX for a week and hung out with Mary who was to become and now is my best friend. We went to our first ever NHL Stars game and walked around Dallas TX we cooked alot at home watched movies, stayed up way to late talking about life and had fellowship in His word. That week was awesome but soon came to an end. I had to fly home to KC to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We were sad to part but were eagerly looking forward to her arrival in KC two weeks later. We said our goodbyes and I was off.

When I arrived in KC, I was met by a nation of people AKA my family. I hadn't seen my rather large family of 14 in some time and was happy to be home. I arrived in KC just before Thanksgiving and was able to spend an entire month there. Thanksgiving was a blast, seeing all the relatives again and just being able to chill with my family was really great. Mary and I continued to talk every night looking desperately to her arrival in KC. The time came slow, but it came:) Mary flew in on December 12, 08 a Friday, one of the best Fridays of my life. Her flight was coming in at 11am and I was going to meet her at her gate. I went to Starbucks with my computer and started to get some e-mailing done, it was 10:30 and I had a little bit of time. Her gate was only about 30 feet from me and I was just going to hop up when the time came. I was really excited to there just as she got off the plane! So it's 10:35 and I get this call, look at my phone and it's Mary. "Paul I'm here" I look up to see her heading right towards me. I'm confused, caught off guard, kinda feeling stupid for not meeting her at the gate but when I saw her smile I knew she didn't care. She was in her comfortable sweats, a sweatshirt and looking cuter then ever. I got up walked over and gave her a hug. "Mary!" I said, excited to see her, then in a disappointed voice told her how I was planing to meet her at the gate. She told me her plane landed a half an hour early and that she even had time for a bathroom break before heading my way. I smiled and inside felt like a million bucks because my best friend was right next to me once again and we had to weeks to to hang out. During those two weeks, Mary met alot of people, relatives mostly, went to alot of dinners, one of them being with my parents, which was awesome, and just chilled. Mary soon left KC and flew home to her family in VA. We were both once again sad to leave but also like before, we were looking forward to Dec 27 the day I flew out to meet her family and parents.

I spent Christmas at my parents house and it was wonderful. My dad was the best he cleared out his little office and let me setup my editing stuff for the month so I could work. As the holidays rolled on I started to realize that this could be my last Christmas mornings spent at my parents house it kind of made me sad. Reflecting back on my childhood I wished I would have soaked it all in a bit more. I knew I could never get it all back for life happens even to the best of us. Christmas came and went and I was off once again but this time to VA to meet Mary's family.

I flew into VA on Dec 27 and arrived around 10pm to be greeted by Michael (Mary's Brother) and Mary. Mary looked beautiful, she was waring a white blouse with blue pin stripes. She had her dark blue jeans on and black boots with the pant leg pulled over the boot. She looked stunning! Her hair was all done up and the smile on her face was from ear to ear:) I felt bad because when I saw her I nearly forgot to say hey to Michael. After saying our hello's Mary informed me that she had gotten chocolate on her shirt at the bottom. I laughed and said if she hadn't pointed it out I would never have seen funny memory:) We waited for my bags to arrive for over an hour but all three talked to pass the time. The bags finally came and we were off to Mary's parents home. Mary pulled up in her little car/tin can, packed up my stuff and headed out. The drive was a little over an hour but we made it. Meeting the parents was really great. Her parents remind me so much of my own.... must be a big family thing. Both her Dad and Mom (who they all call Mop and Pop) talked to us till late hours in the morning. After everything was said we went to bed. To make a long note a bit shorter I'll be less detailed. I had such a wonderful time in VA... I met all the brothers younger then Mary. I have to say the time was interesting, for the first time in my life i realized what it was like for someone to get bombarded by question and have their name be called out at least 15 times every minute. People always said it was like this at my house but I never I do:) Don't get me wrong though, I had a blast hanging out with all of them. We went hiking, played lots of chess and checkers, answered lots of questions, swapped stories, jumped on the tramp and talked some more. The week flew by really fast and it was almost time for Mary and I to be off again to up State NY to meet her older brothers. I spent the New Year with the younger brothers and her parents, watched some movies and then hit the sack. Early the next morning I went out to breakfast with Mr. Segreti to talk about camp, Mary, the future, the Lord and all that stuff. I was a bit nerves at first as I'm sure all boyfriends are when meeting the girls dad. We went to a small breakfast place and actually had a rather wonderful conversation. We mostly talked about Mary and how the Lord needs to play the biggest role in our relationship. I found him to be so much like my own dad it was unbelievable. His love for the Lord and for his daughter was obvious and encouraging. After we ate he insisted on paying for the meal and we were off. We also talked alot in the car on that way back. All in all I came away very encouraged and blessed. Just before heading out I also got to talk to Mary's mom. She gave me this little book that I would highly recommend it's called "Victory in Christ" by Charles Trumble. She too greatly encouraged me and wished us well. Mary and I said our goodbyes and were off with Michael driving and us two smashed in the back.

The drive was long but wonderful... We listened to music, talked, sat quietly, fell asleep, woke up, talked, stopped for lunch, went to the bathroom, etc.... After a long ride we finally made it to her older brothers' house. Meeting them was a blast... we had alot of really great conversations, play X-Box, went to the CITY (which was AWESOME!) and just chilled. I would go into more detail but this note is really long and I'm tired cus its late. After the week ended Mary, Michael and I all headed to our final destination for the following 3 months. We arrived at the Camp around 7pm and that my friend will be another post...

The camp is where we are at now and have been for the last month... I'll post again in more detail regarding what we do here.

God has been teaching us so much and I can't wait to see what He has in the future,