Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Update!!!

Hey everyone,
Well it has been a bit crazy here the last few days:) The bus is huge as you know. Starting from the back there is a master bedroom, four bunks, a large bath room, a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, cabinets and a living room. I know you want pictures, so I really will try uploading some here in the future. You can always check out Shyla's pics of the day on her blog at Their are some great ones of me hitting the bus today:) Check it out!!!

Life on the bus so far has really been relaxing and enjoyable... although... don't tell anybody but I dumped some catchup on the the floor at dinner tonight:( NOT COOL!!!) We have e-net on the bus which rocks and allows me to post anytime, which is cool... I can't believe it!!! It's 2:49am, I'm sitting here at a small table with a large picture window on my right watching the cars fly by as we drive down the freeway at 65mph...Crazy!!! What a trip!!!

The shows are going really well....Praise the Lord....2 down 21 to go:) They are a ton of fun to shoot, interviewing the people on their way out is a blast!!! I've met so many really wonderful people. Each one with a new angle on what stuck out and a fresh perspective on how they plan on changing or improving their business. Even with the camera off we have had some wonderful conversations. I can't wait to get to the next city so I can interview more people and see the world from their point of view:)

Keep praying for me I need it:) God has been teaching me so much as far as trusting Him in everything. Life has been going really well and compared to many others in the world, I can't complain. I have to say though, beyond my job and every day life, there are always those intangibles that I can't control and it's these things that I must give to the Lord. My flesh wants to always fight it's way to the point of self sufficiency but I know that's not what Christ wants. He wants my dependance to be on Him, to always know that He is able and sufficient for tomorrow. Pray that this be my heart, so that no matter what, whether I'm on a tour bus traveling around the country, or in the heart of Africa eating next to nothing, my heart stays anchored to the Rock, Jesus Christ. I know that life may not always be this wonderful but what comforts me is that God will, for He never changes. He will always be there to carry my burdens and at times heal my broken heart. He is an amazing God, all we need do is trust Him and allow all that He is to be all that we are, Christ through us.

I should go to bed now, its late:) Keep praying for me,


Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Happening!!!

Hey everyone,

So Crystal (DJ's assistant) tells me that as wonderful as my bible posts are, they can get a little, well rather, same old same old. She told me not to get her wrong and that she loved reading them but that I should also update people on what's happening:)

Life is going well... Andrew and Adam Smith came up all the way from Oklahoma to see me. They helped finish an After Effects project. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome!!!! Check it out:)

We leave for our tour not this Monday but next. I think I fly to TX Monday afternoon:) Didn't think I was going to be excited about traveling on a bus for the next 2 months but I think I'm warming up to the idea:) I have a pic of the bus... Check it out at the bottom of this post:) It's huge!!!

Due to the upcoming trip and no big computer to work on, I have lots to finish. My "Mac Book Pro" can't do much as far as serious compositing, due to the lack of ram:( So I'm in a mad rush to finish all 23 city intros before we leave. Pray it gets done:)

Dirt bike up date:)
Having the bike has made for some of the most exciting times of my life. Im not just talking about the life threatening, close to death experiences... although those are pretty exciting!!! No, I'm happy to say their hasn't been many of those:) Praise the Lord:) I would totally recommend a dirt bike to anyone. They are super fun and mostly safe:) I love the fact that I can take it anywhere in the mountains, on the beach, through the back alleys, on the freeway, off road... it's just amazing!!! Don't know if you have checked out the pictures but some day you have to come up to SB and check out the tops of the mountains!!! It will take your breath away:) "especially if you fly right off the cliff":) JK [well, it would but thats not what I'm talking about]
Word the the wise, if you get a 600cc respect it, it has lots of power:)

I've really started to get into swimming... For the first time I swam all the way out to the buoy and back, its about a half mile swim:) You feel so buff after you are done!!! I think it uses every muscle l in your body. It's so cool though!!! I never thought I'd enjoy swimming but in the ocean, you can't beat it. I'm going to try to get up to a 2 mile swim before next summer:) I also tried "Skim Boarding" the other day and I stink at it:) It's really fun but it's so hard:( I think I bit the dust about, hummmm, a billion times:) Got a little banged up but it was worth it:) So you have this little board made out of wood and you wait till the water starts to wash back into the ocean, then you run out, jump on your board and skim across the top of the water, pretty cool!!! I saw some expert people doing it once and they actually made it look fun:)

Crystal broke her leg the other day...Ok... it's not totally broken but it might as well be, she can barley walk:) The doc put it in a splint and said she was going to have to have surgery...NOT COOL!!! Especially right before the tour. I have been chauffeuring her around SB and running lots of errands for her. Poor Crystal:(

Well that an update on my life:) Thanks for taking the time to read it:)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Though the fig tree should not blossom
And there be no fruit on the vines,
Though the yield of the olive should fail
And the fields produce no food,
Though the flock should be cut off from the fold
And there be no cattle in the stalls,
Yet I will exult in the LORD,
I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.
The Lord GOD is my strength,
And He has made my feet like hinds' feet,
And makes me walk on my high places.
Habakkuk 3:17-19

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

-Consider It All Joy-

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

This verse seems so easy to practice when life is going well and the sea is calm. When I was a child it was easy to wake up every morning and trust that everything was going to be okay, but as I have grown up, the waves have begun to build and slam against the boat, threatening to wash me over.

I know, through scripture, that Christ is the only one who can calm the storm to a whisper, but in my heart I find myself doubting. I want to trust the Lord in everything but when I see the wave swelling up I begin to doubt.

James continues to say... But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

I don't want to be this man... Pray for me that I praise the Lord in His leading, regardless of my understanding for He is able. Pray that I keep my eyes stayed on Jesus, resting always in Him. Pray that I consider it all joy through these times of trial.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

In Christ,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's 7am... Lord willing, I'll be back by 1pm:)

I'm headed out to find a very large dam in the first valley back beyond the mountains to the east. I'll be taking Gibraltar all the way to the top of the first mountains. The dam sits to the north of the road way down in the valley. I don't know exactly what roads I will be taking to get the rest of the way but that is the direction ill be heading. If in the case my bike were to crash and remain unusable (and I live) I'll head back west using the roads, so look for me there. I do have a backpack of power bars lots of water a first aid kit, my cell phone and beef jerky:) So in the case of a disaster I should be ok for a few days.

I think everything will be fine I just thought I'd let you all know just in case. I should be back by 1pm its 7am right now:) If im not back by night fall, call search and rescue:) Don't worry though it should be fine:)

Alright everyone I'm out:) Pray all goes well, Ill let you know when I return.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

-On Top Of World-

Today was so amazing!!! I woke up this morning to find my windows covered with a thick fog. So I packed up, jumped on my dirt bike and headed out to find the top of the world. Found a road named Gibraltar that leads far back into the mountains of Monicieto. After a rather long ride along the cliffs, I finally broke through the clouds into the sun. I road a bit further and then turned my bike around to see a breathtaking view. I could see the tips of the mountains just peeking through the clouds and out past their tips I saw a thick white blanket covering the sky as far as my eyes could see. What an amazing creator!!! Some day you will have to come to SB, ride on the back and experience it for yourself:)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Santa Barbara - On Fire!!!

I was just on FOX NEWS reading their front page post.... Fires in SB!!! I've been home for the 4th but will be flying back to SB early Tuesday morning. I called Crystal and she said the airport is still up and running:) I had such a wonderful time being here in KC, I'll miss you all so much. God willing, I'll see you all again in August:)

Firefighters on Sunday were given a welcome boost by cooler, damper weather as they battled a vast blaze ravaging Santa Barbara County, but were anxiously watching forecasts that call for a quick return to high, dry temperatures.

"We've got a window here with the humid weather that's really helping us," said Dixie Dies, spokeswoman for the state Incident Management Team. "But we know we're in this for the long haul."

Moist air currents from the ocean cooled temperatures to the high 70s Sunday, helping fire crews keep the four-day-old blaze from spreading. It was less than a third contained Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures are forecast to start climbing Monday, reaching the 90s by Thursday, and the "monsoonal sweeps" -- winds that pick up moisture from the ocean -- are expected to dissipate and the air to dry out,