Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Happening!!!

Hey everyone,

So Crystal (DJ's assistant) tells me that as wonderful as my bible posts are, they can get a little, well rather, same old same old. She told me not to get her wrong and that she loved reading them but that I should also update people on what's happening:)

Life is going well... Andrew and Adam Smith came up all the way from Oklahoma to see me. They helped finish an After Effects project. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome!!!! Check it out:)

We leave for our tour not this Monday but next. I think I fly to TX Monday afternoon:) Didn't think I was going to be excited about traveling on a bus for the next 2 months but I think I'm warming up to the idea:) I have a pic of the bus... Check it out at the bottom of this post:) It's huge!!!

Due to the upcoming trip and no big computer to work on, I have lots to finish. My "Mac Book Pro" can't do much as far as serious compositing, due to the lack of ram:( So I'm in a mad rush to finish all 23 city intros before we leave. Pray it gets done:)

Dirt bike up date:)
Having the bike has made for some of the most exciting times of my life. Im not just talking about the life threatening, close to death experiences... although those are pretty exciting!!! No, I'm happy to say their hasn't been many of those:) Praise the Lord:) I would totally recommend a dirt bike to anyone. They are super fun and mostly safe:) I love the fact that I can take it anywhere in the mountains, on the beach, through the back alleys, on the freeway, off road... it's just amazing!!! Don't know if you have checked out the pictures but some day you have to come up to SB and check out the tops of the mountains!!! It will take your breath away:) "especially if you fly right off the cliff":) JK [well, it would but thats not what I'm talking about]
Word the the wise, if you get a 600cc respect it, it has lots of power:)

I've really started to get into swimming... For the first time I swam all the way out to the buoy and back, its about a half mile swim:) You feel so buff after you are done!!! I think it uses every muscle l in your body. It's so cool though!!! I never thought I'd enjoy swimming but in the ocean, you can't beat it. I'm going to try to get up to a 2 mile swim before next summer:) I also tried "Skim Boarding" the other day and I stink at it:) It's really fun but it's so hard:( I think I bit the dust about, hummmm, a billion times:) Got a little banged up but it was worth it:) So you have this little board made out of wood and you wait till the water starts to wash back into the ocean, then you run out, jump on your board and skim across the top of the water, pretty cool!!! I saw some expert people doing it once and they actually made it look fun:)

Crystal broke her leg the other day...Ok... it's not totally broken but it might as well be, she can barley walk:) The doc put it in a splint and said she was going to have to have surgery...NOT COOL!!! Especially right before the tour. I have been chauffeuring her around SB and running lots of errands for her. Poor Crystal:(

Well that an update on my life:) Thanks for taking the time to read it:)



Brett Bollman said...

If I used every "mussel" in my body... I probably wouldn't make it past the breakers. But maybe if I used ever "muscle" I might. :o)

The dirt bike sounds fun... don't ever lose the fear of the 600cc though. The second you do... that'll be the moment you regret!

|| davidjay || said...

Brett - which one is the "ever muscle"


plumtreestudios said...

Dear Paul, it was such a pleasure to meet you at the Houston Seminar tonight. You weren't really don't blog all that often...wish you had a newer post so my comment here would make more sense. But hey, I must say you blog more often than I do! :^P

Good luck on your travels through the tour and keep me posted on the video endorsements. I want to see how big of a fool I made of myself. Just kidding, ignorance, as they say, is bliss. LOL!

Much love,

Katherine said...

Paul my deary! Good to see you finally in person in Houston! I hope you have sooo much fun during your tour with the crazy bunch! I had fun with your interview at the end!

KK from Louisiana (the chubby blonde highlighted asian chic...but not for long) haha