Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's 7am... Lord willing, I'll be back by 1pm:)

I'm headed out to find a very large dam in the first valley back beyond the mountains to the east. I'll be taking Gibraltar all the way to the top of the first mountains. The dam sits to the north of the road way down in the valley. I don't know exactly what roads I will be taking to get the rest of the way but that is the direction ill be heading. If in the case my bike were to crash and remain unusable (and I live) I'll head back west using the roads, so look for me there. I do have a backpack of power bars lots of water a first aid kit, my cell phone and beef jerky:) So in the case of a disaster I should be ok for a few days.

I think everything will be fine I just thought I'd let you all know just in case. I should be back by 1pm its 7am right now:) If im not back by night fall, call search and rescue:) Don't worry though it should be fine:)

Alright everyone I'm out:) Pray all goes well, Ill let you know when I return.


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