Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Update!!!

Hey everyone,
Well it has been a bit crazy here the last few days:) The bus is huge as you know. Starting from the back there is a master bedroom, four bunks, a large bath room, a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, cabinets and a living room. I know you want pictures, so I really will try uploading some here in the future. You can always check out Shyla's pics of the day on her blog at Their are some great ones of me hitting the bus today:) Check it out!!!

Life on the bus so far has really been relaxing and enjoyable... although... don't tell anybody but I dumped some catchup on the the floor at dinner tonight:( NOT COOL!!!) We have e-net on the bus which rocks and allows me to post anytime, which is cool... I can't believe it!!! It's 2:49am, I'm sitting here at a small table with a large picture window on my right watching the cars fly by as we drive down the freeway at 65mph...Crazy!!! What a trip!!!

The shows are going really well....Praise the Lord....2 down 21 to go:) They are a ton of fun to shoot, interviewing the people on their way out is a blast!!! I've met so many really wonderful people. Each one with a new angle on what stuck out and a fresh perspective on how they plan on changing or improving their business. Even with the camera off we have had some wonderful conversations. I can't wait to get to the next city so I can interview more people and see the world from their point of view:)

Keep praying for me I need it:) God has been teaching me so much as far as trusting Him in everything. Life has been going really well and compared to many others in the world, I can't complain. I have to say though, beyond my job and every day life, there are always those intangibles that I can't control and it's these things that I must give to the Lord. My flesh wants to always fight it's way to the point of self sufficiency but I know that's not what Christ wants. He wants my dependance to be on Him, to always know that He is able and sufficient for tomorrow. Pray that this be my heart, so that no matter what, whether I'm on a tour bus traveling around the country, or in the heart of Africa eating next to nothing, my heart stays anchored to the Rock, Jesus Christ. I know that life may not always be this wonderful but what comforts me is that God will, for He never changes. He will always be there to carry my burdens and at times heal my broken heart. He is an amazing God, all we need do is trust Him and allow all that He is to be all that we are, Christ through us.

I should go to bed now, its late:) Keep praying for me,



Annemarie said...

It was so fantastic to meet you. I'll be thinking about you guys, stay strong, Paul. Hope to see you again soon!

Sarah Shalley said...

You are adorable! I love this post. For a guy your age [only slightly younger than me -- love those curls!], you are more mature than you know. You are wise and I know that your heart is GOOD. Thanks for chatting with me in Houston. I'm sorry I asked your age...regardless I would have wanted to befriend you. Keep posting about the trip. I want to know more!


MattDJ said...

Awesome dude. Love your devotion to the Lord. Reading your stuff is like reading a devotional. You should write every day! :-)!

Lord willing, we'll see you in DC. KIR hombre.