Friday, April 18, 2008

What a crazy process!!! My birthday is coming up tomorrow:) Yeah!!! Well my Drivers License was going to expire tomorrow... So yesterday I went in with Sarah (My Sister) sat in line forever.... then we found out we were in the wrong line. Next line.... waiting... waiting... I looked at Sarah, "good thing I brought my passport" didn't think I would need it but just in case. Almost up to the counter and I see a little sign no debit cards, cash or check only!!! AAAAAH!!! I didn't have cash:( "Well" says Sarah "you can come back tomorrow". We get home and Sarah runs my passport down to my office.

I spent the night at Luke and Dayna's house got up early and left for the DMV with 20 bucks. I get there stand in line, get up to the counter and realize that I don't have my passport with me it's at home.... Run home grab the passport drive back wait in line... FINALLY I get up to the counter renew my license, stand in front of the little blue cloth and take an absolutely awful looking picture... Whatever!!! The good thing is, I don't need to renew it again until 2014. I just feel bad for the cop that has to look at the picture next time I get pulled over:)

FYI... If you are getting your DRIVERS LICENSE renewed, bring your passport or birth certificate, proof of address, cash or check, your old license and a big smile:)



Abby Martin said...
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Abby Martin said...

Oh, and happy birthday!! =)) When I got rid of my FB account, I went through my friends on there and wrote down their birthdays. :)) So, happy b!!! =))

|| davidjay || said...

DUDE YEA!!! Happy Birthday!!!! We'll celebrate in SB!

I have a nice computer here with a bow on it for ya!


Stacy said...

I laugh at this everytime I read funny!! :)