Friday, November 21, 2008

Update From TX!!!:)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not writing for so long, I have been so busy. My time with Showit Fast has come to an end and I'm moving to up state NY. This last year with DJ and Showit was such an awesome experience, God taught me so much as far as business, trust and true dependence on God's ever abiding love. I wouldn't trade this year for anything, it was awesome!!! I'll miss everyone so much but especially Crystal. Crystal is Awesome!!! She was like my big sister always a true friend.

I have transitioned into running my own company Photographer's Reel ( and can't wait to launch. The launch date has been push back due the the SB Tea Fires that hit last week but is coming soon.

Right now I'm in TX visiting my good friend Mary Segreti.... My time here has been so wonderful, we stayed up way to late talking about life and how the Lord has been so good. I'll be here till the 25th of Nov. and then I'll be flying home:):( mixed feelings.

Today we went down to Waco TX and visited Micah Bender, Mary's brother James' fiancee.... Check out the awesome pics:)


THE assistant said...

Well... I have to say that this is the proudest bid sis EVER!!! You have been my little side kick for 6 months and I already miss you like crazy! :( I am glad that you are having a great time.. and it looks like I have good taste in clothing. :) Miss ya buddy!

Shyla said...

Pauly face!
you will be close to me... where in NY?