Thursday, October 23, 2008

I thought I was going to die!!!

5:30am, Wake up... I put on two pares of pants a long sleeve t-shirt, a long sleeve sport shirt and a sweatshirt. Threw my shoes on and headed out the door to meet Andrew (my dirt biking buddy)

It was a beautiful morning out, the sun hadn't come up yet, the night sky was clear, the air was crisp and you could see a billion stars.

I was meeting Andrew or (AVG is what we call him) down at DJ's place at 6:00am. I pulled up to see him standing there waiting for me, we gave our quick, "what up's", and headed up the mountain to start our long morning of dirt biking on the back trails of the SB mountains.

Driving along the cliffs as the sun was coming up over SB was breathtaking. I know I talk about how awesome the view is from up there during the day but during sunrise it's stunning. I don't even know if I could describe it well enough... you will just have to see it some time.

So we hit the trails, the sun had come up by this time and we headed off onto this gravel/dirt trail was pretty fun. The back end of my bike was sliding around all over the place and we were ripping it up... so i thought. I pretty much trailed AGV the whole time.

AGV has been dirt biking since he was 5 and is way more experienced then I am, to say the least. He is about my hight but more stocky. He owns a Honda Enduro 400cc and I own a Honda Eduro 600cc.

So we are whipping around these corners at about 25 mph but I'm just seeing the dust of AVG's bike. I come to this part where it looks like he turned left so I turn left into a dead end and my bike slides out from underneath me, I hit the ground and rolled to a stop. After AVG didn't see me for a while he biked it back to see what was up. When I hit, I bent my clutch handle pretty bad. After a lot of thinking, we figured out how to set it mostly straight again and then we were off. I thought to myself "well this isn't that bad... I mean it could be worse". Little did I know that was the easy part.

AGV pulls off on to another side trail that was TOTALLY LEGIT!!! The ground was soft with dust, mixed with rocks and little boulders all over the place and small crevices that had dug into the ground because of rain fall. There was no consistency to the path, on second your good and the next you think you're going to die. And these arn't flat plains like in KS, I'm talking mountains, super steep inclines that you never thought a bike could go up.

So we head off onto this trail and start gunning it around these bends. At the base of our first hill AVG guns it and lands at the top. I tried doing the same thing got caught in a rut and dumped my bike. AVG comes down and tells me how to take these hills. "you have to throw it in second gear and just gun it... don't let off the throttle". "Right!!!" I thought to myself. I tried psyching myself up for the climb, jumped on my bike and tried it again.... get half way up, same thing, I dump the bike. On the third try I finally got up the hill. After that first hill I though maybe I had the hang of things and was ready for another challenge. I wasn't ready... We start heading down a small hill to a flat plain and in front of us sat another hill. This one has huge, rocks on both sides with the same soft, dry dirt on the ground, mixed with stones the size of you head. AVG tell me to go first so he can watch me. I gun it in first gear...I'm zipping up the mountain with dirt flying everywhere, my back end it all over the place but I'm making it!!! Climbing, climbing, the front end of my bike goes down and then pops straight back up again, I don't have time to think and I can't stop or I'll fall back down the hill, I go airborne for a second and then land sideways which throws me off the bike. The bike idles for a bit and then dies. I'm laying on the ground thinking "dude I don't know about this!!!" The good new was, after the dust cleared, I made it to the top ... SWEET!!! AVG comes running up the hill asking me if I'm alright...."yeah I'm cool" I responded. I jumped back on the bike and headed off again...

The rest of the day was pretty much the same, falling down the mountain, falling up the mountain, the bike falling on me, all in all I think I bit the dust like 15 to 20 times. I don't know that I've ever been so exhausted in my life. Every muscle in my body said quit, I felt like I was going to throw up and I had a headache!!! This was not my day.... My right foot is slightly swollen, my right arm is all scratched up, my left elbow is swollen, just under my right knee is swollen and my thighs are all blue from bruising. But the good thing is I didn't break any bones and I'm alive:)

I cancelled my 10am hang gliding lesson for Saturday.... Almost dying twice in one week seems to much for me:) I'll do that another time... Right now I just need to recover from this.

What a day!!!

Check these guys out... I found this video on YouTube... My falls weren't quite this bad but I feel their pain!!!


Anonymous said...

Please be careful Paul. Remember..... you're not supposed to die. It sounds like you're having a blast though. :)

blaine said...

haha, wow good story. I was just chatting with AVG and he told me to check it out.
check out the dirtbiking we have up here in Oregon! It's unreal!

Kevin Keith said...

"cancelled my hang gliding lesson." Hilarious!