Wednesday, January 30, 2008

-Coming Home-

Well my time in SB is almost over:( I fly out of the SB Air port today at 12:45 to AZ and then on to KC.

It has been so amazing meeting some of the most randomly wonderful people from all around the United States, learning about their passion in photography, life, networking and just building friendships. You all at the work shop were a blast to film. I have looked over a lot of the footage and its really good stuff.... can't wait for you all to see the final product.

DJ and Crystal have been a blast to hang out with... they are both super laid back and just fun to be around. We ordered in Chinese last night watched a movie, sat around and talked, laughed, looked at pictures from the weekend and just chilled. It was fun.... GOOD TIMES

Can't wait to get back and see everyone in KC... Always seems like forever when I'm gone but when I get back I feel like I haven't missed a beat:) I smile when I think of KC... I love that its home.... Although I have to say, I'm not really looking forward to the snow but Ill get over it. I miss ~everyone and God willing, Ill see you all soon.



Anonymous said...

~ :)

Brittany Leigh said...

Paul...Your love for the Lord is totally inspiring! thank you! :)