Thursday, January 31, 2008


I made it home safe and sound last night at about 8:30pm. My brother Mark and his friend Bobby picked me up at the airport and took me to Starbucks where most of my sisters and my wonderful cousin Nikki were waiting. We all sat down swapped stories and talked about life. I love my family they are all so wonderful. After Starbucks I went home to see the rest of the fam. That was fun, we all talked ate dinner looked at pictures of my trip and chilled.

It was funny we were in my office looking at my computer and my brother Caleb asked what time it was. So I looked at the computer and it read 9:45pm. Caleb was like "Man!!! thats crazy, it feels so late" So we just kept right on talking. I told Bobby it felt like 1:00am.... well later we found out my computer was still on SB time.... we talked way to late... CRAZY!!

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kennykimdotcom said...

You worked hard. get some rest buddy. Can't wait to see the video from the weekend! Send me the link when you can. I will see you in March!