Monday, January 7, 2008

I-Pod Nano

You're are going to think I'm CRAZY because these things have been out for years now and are owned by most people. I just bought the I-Pod NANO, I only have 5 songs on it but its amazing!!! For some time now I've kinda been out of the whole exercise loop and haven't really had the motivation to get out there and run or workout. So with one last effort to push myself, I went out and bought an I-Pod. I know its crazy but it really does help, I think because it blocks out the sound of my breathing and the repetitive, not interesting smack of my shoes on the pavement. For some reason the the music sets the speed and rhythm of the workout which amazingly pushes me on. I know I'm crazy for posting this but I'm just so excited about it... I love this little I-Pod, can't stop running:)

If you have a favorite song post the name and Ill run to it:)


Anonymous said...

Run to the Rocky Soundtrack!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that... "Eye of the Tiger" is the way to go. I've got lots of upbeat worship music on my MP3 player which is great also.