Friday, June 27, 2008

My Life Update

Hey everyone:)

Sorry for not writing in so long. It seems to get longer and longer between posts. Maybe I lost my inspiration...don't know:)

Anyway life has been going well, I can't complain. In the times when I think my life stinks I think of all these homeless people that are downtown and realize haw much God has really blessed. Life has been a bit lonely not many people to hang out with. Although I have to say, hanging out by yourself isn't so bad once you forget what it was like before:) More time for adventure, exploring, writing, exercising, working, spending time in the Word and just thinking:)


So as you all know I bought a dirt bike and it's a beast! I took it out for the first time today and I have to say, it was rather scary!

I wrote to a friend this afternoon after getting back from my first ride ever on a dirt bike...

"WOW!!! I'm Back:)

I don't know about this bike...I almost killed myself twice in one day!!! Well the first incident may not have killed me but could have gotten hurt.

Incident 1: I was at a dead stop and started pulling out up this hill, the bike has a hand clutch and a really touchy throttle, so I hit the throttle and let go of the clutch, the bike flew out from underneath me, popped a wheely and went flipping down the road in front of me:) LOL ...after the bike stopped flipping out and died I started laughing. Partly because I was really scared and partly because it looked really funny:)

Incident 2: Nothing happened to me on this one but after the first incident, I was a bit freaked out about starting real fast. So I slowly crept out onto this 2 lain highway and their was a car coming really fast down the lane so I gunned it and barely made it!!! That freaked me out a bit:)

The rest of the time was really quite nice...I took it out for about two hours around the mountains of Montecito. Once you get going and start cruising around the hills its pretty fun:) I'm still a bit scared to bring it into town. I think I'll wait a while on that one:)

Anyway I'm back and alive:) Praise The Lord:)"


I am truly sorry about not posting about this sooner. Our tour has been postponed and doesn't start till the end of July. We leave July 29 and finish some time in September.

Here are the dates:

07/29/08 Houston, TX
07/30/08 Austin, TX
07/31/08 Dallas, TX
08/03/08 Phoenix, AZ
08/04/08 San Diego
08/06/08 Los Angeles, CA
08/07/08 Santa Barbara, CA
08/11/08 San Francisco, CA
08/13/08 Salt Lake City, UT
08/14/08 Denver, CO
08/18/08 Kansas City, KS :)
08/19/08 Chicago, IL
08/21/08 Indianapolis, IN
08/25/08 New York City, NY
08/26/08 Boston, MA
08/28/08 Washington DC
09/02/08 Charlotte, NC
09/03/08 Charleston, SC
09/04/08 Orlando, FL
09/08/08 Atlanta, GA
09/09/08 Nashville, TN

So again, if you're still interested in getting together you can contact me some how:) I won't be able to come to you because of the time constraints and not having a car. We will be on a very large bus, should be pretty cool:) Shoot me an e-mail or call if you live close to one of these cities. (816) 695-7543

I was going to write more but it's really late:) You never know what you might type when you are half asleep:)

Goodnight all:) Take care and God bless:)

Miss you all so much,


|| davidjay || said...

Two things:

1. I hope your mom doesn't read your blog because mom's don't like to hear stories about their sons almost dying.

2. I hope the girl who asked "Do you work out everyday?" does read your blog b/c she'll probably think you're even tougher now.


Paul said...


|| davidjay || said...

Sounded like you got your workout in starting your bike today. :)