Sunday, June 15, 2008

-What's Happening-

Hey everyone,
Sorry for not writing more lately... I've not really been in the writing mood.

What has happened?

1. Our tour has officially been pushed back since 2 weeks ago. We set out in late July some time and finish early September. Ill post the new dates as soon as I can. I know I'll be in KC on the 15 of Aug:)

2. I'm looking for a permanent place of residence, which isn't easy. Everything is so expensive out here... for a 600 sq ft pad, its around $1000 a month. So pray about that, that God provides a place in His timing. Room mates may be an option but I'm praying God gives me my own place so that you all can come visit and stay over:) God knows:)

3. It's fathers day today:) I called my dad and wished him a good one:) He is a great guy:) I never knew how much I appreciated my dad until now. Always taking the time to teach us over and over again about how important it is to be committed to the Lord. I remember when I was younger, he would wake the boys up at 4am every morning and go through Proverbs with us. When I was a kid I just thought it was fun, but now after moving out and being on my own these last few months, those verses have meant so much to me and have pushed me on in my walk with the Lord.

4. DJ and Crystal will both be gone this next week due to business, so I'll be holding down the fort till next Sunday.

5. The "Tour Video Opener" should be pretty cool... We are going to try a new little editing technique which should be fun. I'm not promising anything though:)

6. I busted my knee on some rocks yesterday while carrying my board back to the rental shop:( The board looks like a surf board but its not. It's really long and all you do is stand up on it and paddle out around the ocean. You can ride the waves if you want but it's not really meant for that. So after i finished my ocean adventure on the board, I brought it back to the beach, picked it up and started carrying it over some big rocks when a gust of wind came from behind, caught the board and threw me straight into these rocks:) My knee was all bloody and gross:) It's hard to walk up and down stairs now:(

7. After my beach adventures, I headed to "Jack In A Box" (a small fast food place) picked up some food to go, rolled down the windows, slid back the moon roof, turned on some good tunes and went driving in the back hills/mountains of Montecito.... If you are from KS they are Mountains, if you are from CO they are hills:)... It's so peaceful back there in the mountains. It reminds me of back home when driving out to the country. It was so calm and quiet, slightly cool with a nice breeze, and the view , the view was to die for:) My sister Anna and I would go driving for hours on end and get lost in the planes of Kansas:) Loved those times:) That's what it reminded me of yesterday, except I was all alone:( That's ok, it was still fun:)

8. Christine and Sherilyn Pramann , will be visiting this week:) Super excited about that!!! We will get to spend some time in SB and then have some dinner at her aunt's house:) Looking forward to that:)

9. I need to go shopping for food tonight or cut off my right leg and eat it:) I've been so lazy about the food thing, I keep going out to eat but I really shouldn't. I know it will kill me if I continue:)

10. I'm excited to see what God has down the road in life...

Continue to pray for me, that I stay committed to the Lord.


|| davidjay || said...

I didn't see any scripture in this post Paul. I'll be praying for you as it appears you are back sliding. ;P

anna joy said...

ditto on 9 and 10. nice to see you at church, sorry i was in a rush and couldn't come chat! maybe next week :)