Friday, June 27, 2008

Dirt Bike-Day 2

Took my dirt bike out again today!!! Lesson #2 went really well:)

This is me just before heading out:)

These self taught lessons are really great because I can yell at the instructor and still be the best student ever:) I learned how to balance the clutch on hills, start and stop at stop signs, wave cars on because I'm going way to slow, and how not to freak out when I hear the gas throttle rev to high:) I was still a bit nervise but did much better:) I even gave myself an A+ today!!! Seeing it was only my second day ever on a dirt bike:) Don't worry though I'm going to be much harder on myself tomorrow:)

Here is a pic of me after the ride:) I made it home safe and sound but am eager to start another lesson tomorrow:)

I took my bicycle down town today though because I still need some practice:

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