Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to SB

I'm headed back to SB to get some editing done. We filmed the show in Chicago and need it edited before the tour is over so we can sell it to those who didn't get the chance to go.

It has been a long day!!!

Before I tell you about today I'll tell you about a funny story that happened yesterday.... So our bus was parked at this hotel in Ohio, I get out to grab a change of cloths and see that there is another tour bus behind us. Well come to find out it was the Jonas Brothers' tour bus... thought it was kind of cool. Well they leave and a car pulls up and we hear a knock on the door. I open the bus door to see a bunch of 16 year old girls all packed in this little car that is covered with "I love The Jonas Brothers" paint... they ask me if I know where their bus is and I told them that they just left. They were very disappointed but then they brightened up and asked if they could take a picture with me. I told them that I had told the Jonas Brothers that I would let them have all the publicity, they groaned, I laughed and they got back in there car and drove away. I thought it was pretty

Today was long... I woke up thinking we had arrived at our destination and started packing my stuff because I was flying back to SB in a few hours. Jay (our bus driver) got back to the bus and told me that our alternator got really hot, blew up and melted our battery. We were stopped at the bus repair station trying to get someone to work on Saturday and fix it. Come to find out we were 50 miles from LaGuardia Airport and my flight was in 2 hours. The taxi cab wanted $120 for the trip and I said forget it:) I called American Airlines and had my flights transfered to Newark Airport, which was only 20 miles away, got a cab for $65 and headed out. My flight took off at 1:20pm and headed for TX. I was so tired that I missed take off... love when that happens:) I woke up mid flight to find out we were in the air and half way there. Landed in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, ran to my next gate and found out that my flight wasn't till 6:45pm. So I ate some food, talked on the phone, slept on the floor, paid for some airport internet, and started writing about my day. During this post it started raining really hard and so my flight was delayed and now I'm just sitting here waiting to board.

The sun was out while it was raining... I took a pic:)

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