Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Days in Monterey:)

Saturday we headed up to Monterey and Carmel, City-By-The-Sea.
Its little town on the coast and its so cool... I'll put up a video soon on the site.

I hadn't been to the beach to swim in a few days so I was dying to get off the bus and put in a good... you know... 3 to 4 mile swim...No JK...maybe half mile. Everyone on the bus told me the water was to cold here but I didn't care. They all went shopping and so I threw on some board shorts and headed off to the frigid beach. When I got to the shore line I flexed, which ripped off my shirt, seeing that I'm so ridiculously buff and ran into the ocean breaking through the thin layer of ice with every forward step:) Ok, ok...their was no ice but the flexing muscle, shirt ripping thing is totally true:) Anyway, the water was sooo cold but I pushed through and swam about a 1/2 mile. On my swim back to the beach, out of the corner of my eye, I saw behind me this black head pop up out of the water. At first I thought it was a guy swimming or something but it wasn't. I took a quick double look and saw that it was a sea lion about my size swimming after me five yards behind. I quickly started swimming back to the beach. For some reason I freaked out and attempted a mad dash back to safety. After the split second of freaking out, a movie clip ran through my head... I remembered seeing a sea lion swimming after this little penguin" and I thought to myself "dude this thing is going to bite me, I don't have a chance". Thankfully I never got bit. Sorry the story wasn't more exciting like... and then the sea lion took a big chunk out of my leg... but it was still pretty scary:)

The sea lion looked just like this but without the octopus...

That night after my swim, I showered up in the bus, caught a cab down to Carmel which was interesting... The cab guy didn't take credit cards and I didn't have cash so he told me I could buy him $15 worth of gas.. so I did:)... then met up with the rest of the group for a Chinese dinner. After dinner we walked around the town for a bit and then headed back to the bus to watch a movie. After the movie I was feeling a bit restless, so I took a walk out on the harbor, read through Isaiah 40, stared up at the stars for a bit and then watched this little stingray swim around below me in the water. After that I headed back to the bus to catch some sleep. Allie (DJ's girlfriend) was up reading her bible, so I stopped and had a wonderful little conversation with her and then I went back, jumped in my bunk and fell asleep.

I woke up today, went swimming again in the freezing ocean, grabbed a bite to eat on the dock and headed back to the bus for some more time on the road. We just dropped Allie off at her parents house and now we are headed up to San Francisco.

My hair:)
I....didn't exactly cut it...Sorry to disappoint:) I thought about it and thought about it and decided not to. Getting it to this point was a lot of work and now to throw it all away in one cut just seemed so overwhelming. SORRY:)


Brett Bollman said...

Seals... no need to be scared of seals.

If you should be scared of anything... it's the shark that is 10 feet behind the seal that is 5 feet behind you. Those should scare the crap out of you!

THE assistant said...

Doodle!!! I miss you! I'm so glad you didn't cut your hair...I love it long and it makes you look older. :)