Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coming Home:)

Hey everyone, I'm coming home:)

For the last few days we have been hanging out here in Denver CO. It's freezing here, 50 degrees and raining:( We leave Denver tonight and head to my wonderful little home town "Kansas City":) As you know by now I'm from a really big family so as you can imagine heading out to SB to live on my own has really been a drastic change. I miss them all so much and can't wait to be with them all again soon. Sunday night everyone on the bus is headed over to my families house to have an Italian dinner and celebrate my little brother Joseph's Birthday, he is turning 10:) It's just going to be my family at dinner but it's still a lot of people... Dad, Mom, Luke and his wife Dayna, Mark, Me, Anna and her husband Bric, Ruth, Sarah, Caleb, Rachel, Mary, Isaac, Joseph and Lydia...thats my family.... The people on the bus that are coming are... DJ, Shyla, Jay (the bus driver) Jasmine, and Tod...I can't wait:)

God willing, I'll be home soon:)

We took these pics in the middle of the night last time I was in KC, so we look a bit rugged but who cares:)

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