Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well its been a very eventful week!!!


1. 24 hour fitness!!!
I saw my arms deflating so I decided to renew my membership. Worked out for about an hour Monday but haven't had a chance to get back and keep on.

2. My Bike light:(
I wish I had a more exciting story but it's kind of lame. I ran into Borders to grab a book for editing in Motion. I sat down and studied till it got dark. Seeing that is was getting late I decided to truck it I start biking home and went to turn on my light because I couldn't see the road and it wasn't there. I wasn't happy:) I was turning the corner and got hit by a car and died:( JK I didn't die:) I made it home safe.

3. Got an Office!!!
I moved into a new office right off State Street in down town Santa Barbara and totally love the place!!! Its location is inside a building that was built back in the 50 years ago. It's a small, one room office, on the bottom floor, fully furnished and very homey/modern. I really really like it!!! Praise the Lord:)

4. The beach:(
I didn't get to go to the beach this week, oh well:)

5. A letter from my mom:)
I got a letter from my mom this week. [She is so great:)] She talked about how King Saul listened to the advice of man and not God. How he compromised in his obedience to God by saving the best of what God wholly condemned. 1 Samuel 15- you should read it. "Partial obedience is total disobedience."

6. Played Soccer this week!!!
I haven't been able to play soccer for some time due to the move across the country. DJ popped in while I was editing on Monday and asked if I would be interested in playing soccer. I said "no" and told him that I was going to edit more cus I love it so much. No JK... Dude I jumped up, ran bought some cleats and left with him to play soccer. I played Monday and Wednesday...Love, Love soccer!!!

7. ~The Moon's Reflection~
It was an amazing sight!!! The house I'm staying in right now looks out over all of Santa Barbara and the ocean beyond. The Moon was so bright the other night. Its shine across the water looked like a long lit runway on black glass. Very Cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Paul you got an office, that's totally sweet, when do you move all your stuff in there?? that's so cool congrats!!! and I'm glad u can play soccer lol :)

Abby Martin said...
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Rodolfo Arpia said...

Hey Paul, congrats on your office! I'll pay a visit when I'm in SB.

It was great to spend the day with you yesterday!

anna joy said...

thats cool about your office, i want an office!!!

p.s. no joke i LOLD really loud at this part

"I was turning the corner and got hit by a car and died:("

i mean not because i thought you died because that would be sad but it was rly funnny. okay bye.