Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well come to find out, you can get a ticket for riding at night without lights. (I didn't learn this from experience, don't worry) (although I'm sure you wouldn't have been shocked if I had) so I bought a front light, back light, a small pouch for my wallet keys..., water bottle and tools to fix my flat. Fixed the flat last night and went for a little ride. Well, I got lost:) I biked I'd say about 9 miles partly because I got lost on the back side of the mountain in the middle of the night and had no clue as to where to go. Don't worry I made it home alive and in one piece;)


I just got back from another bike ride today that was over 20 miles:b Dude it was a killer... As you can see on the map it was quite a ways. I have to admit the way down was fairly easy because I live on the side of a mountain and it was all pretty much down hill. But the way back!!! That was a killer. It's really hot out too... I was gone for 5 hours and biked about 3 1/2 of that 5. I also went to the beach, swam in the ocean, went for a small hike along the cliff, and went and bought some shirts before heading home.

Crazy Day!!!

I saw the craziest thing today! I was walking back to my bike along the beach and started to hear what sounded like an engine roar. I turned to look and saw a "WW2 P-51 Mustang" flying about 50 feet off the water and about 40 yards off the coast line. To see it zip along the cliffs like that was the coolest thing. I have to get one:) After looking it up, I found out it was "The Best Fighter of WWII". I thought you ming want to know That:) I didn't have my camera on me so I posted a picture I found on the e-net:)


Abby Martin said...

Paulianna, Paulie, Paul...whew...dude,that's a little ris-kay with the night bike ride...pretty sweet though!

anna joy said...

awesome, you're crazy! hey and p.s. i was at the dominic balli show in isla vista on saturday and i saw a guy....doing video... that looked EXACTLY like you, and i asked him if his name was paul and he said no and i felt like an idiot. so should i ever REALLY see you in person i probably most definitely maybe will not go out on a limb and say hi again so if you see me somewhere you should say hi hahahhaa.