Friday, May 30, 2008

Jet Skiing In The Ocean!!! Totally Amazing!!!

Yesterday, Jeremy (another photographers husband) and I went and rented 2 Jet Skis for an hour. It was amazing!!! Once we got out past the main harbor we took off flying across the massive waves. Seeing that I had never ridden before I was a bit apprehensive at first about hitting the throttle and pushing it to it's full speed. These waves really had a tendency to kind of sneak up on you. I'd say for the first 15 minutes I only pushed to about 35 mph, which seemed really fast. After becoming more comfortable with the Jet Ski, I couldn't go fast enough:) It was a blast!!! I think they top out at around 55/60 mph. It was so crazy... I'm flying along and all of the sudden you see this major dip in the water directly in front of you. At that speed you don't even have time to think, or slow down, or anything. When I hit my first wave and went airborne I felt like James Bond (Well, Almost:). Hitting those waves for the first time really gets the heart going, once you go airborne you really want to do it again. As we are zipping around, every once in a while we would see these little Sea Lions fly up out of the water and then dive back in (kind of cool) although I hate to hit one. Ok so I'm way out off the shore line and I see this really large freight boat headed out of the harbor. So I get this crazy Idea that I should go and jump it's wake... Not a good idea!!! I whip around and start heading in the direction of the boat. I passed it once to see how large the waves were and then spun around again placing myself perpendicular to its wake. (I don't think I was thinking at this point:) I gunned it towards these massive waves that sank deep into the ocean...just before i flew over the crest of the wake I thought to myself, "maybe this isn't such a great idea", but it was too late, I was flying through the air. My heart sank, my (delightful, I'm having so much fun) smile disappeared and for the first time I was really scared. I felt like a bird looking down on the earth below watching all the little people...and then crash!!! I slammed into the water, jolted forward and my hand came off the throttle, which greatly decreased my forward motion and everything was calm again. I made it and as far as I could tell, (unless heaven is a big blue ocean) I didn't die:) I was really happy about that:) I race Jeremy about 1/2 mile across the bay, did some really cool spins, lead Free Willy out to freedom in the There is really not much else to talk about that really compares to "THE JUMP" so I'll stop but it was really fun. If you all ever come out, we have to do it again:)!!! It's Crazy Exciting!!!

I have some video footage of it but won't be able to put it up for a few days due to being very busy at the moment.

Alright~ everyone, God bless and have a wonderful day.



Jacob said...

I think you may have found a new favorite past-time...great story thanks for sharing.

Abby Martin said...

Dude, are you crazy or what? IT'S POINTLESS ASKING THAT QUESTION, I KNOW! LOL Dude, you better be careful---you must not have been thinking about your family, friend, ect. ~ (huge smile) Well, sounded like "you" had fun...don't know if I'd wanna try it though, especially when at an area where there are humongous waves!

anna joy said...