Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok... DJ has some friends over to cook out, you know with a fire, hot dogs, chips, sweet potato, pop, you know everything:) So we are having a good old time, talking, laughing, you know just kicken back doing whatever. Dinner finishes and the marshmallows get pulled out, SMORE TIME!!! We are all roasting our marshmallows on hanger wire, trying to get them to that nice, crisp, brow color, you know just before they catch fire. Well... mine catches fire... so i swing it up to blow it out and it hits me straight in the face while on fire. It stuck to my face and dude, it hurt so bad!!! I have really small blisters now on the right outside of my mouth. Hope it doesn't scar. I'm ugly enough as it is, I don't need a scar:) I'll take a picture tomorrow and give you an update.

Ok, i'm off to bed... Keep praying for me, I need it:)

Thanks for reading:)

I saw the Big Dipper tonight while sitting out talking with the others. Reminds me of back home:) The sky is the only thing that looks same as it does back home. I miss you all so much:) Lord willing, I'll see you soon.


Abby Martin said...

Paul! Ouch! "BE CAREFUL!" LOL!---that's like the advice a mom gives you right after the fact! LOL!

anna joy said...

hhahahahaha, i totally did that when i was camping like three weeks ago. but its a pretty cool story to tell people that you got hit in the face with a firey marshmallow...or you could just say that you got punched in the face when you were saving kittens from a burning building or something.......nevermind.

|| davidjay || said...

It's a hard life out west.